​ALICE SAYS:  July 2016

--To Liz Bailey, especially....Did you go to Mary A Burnham? Maybe Burning Leaves is from there. Have you gone to Music Libraries at MHC and Smith? Burning leaves in crisp October Mornings bright with dew ?????, careless laughter All these things we knew We'll see new ????? We'll see new??? But all our lifetime through We'll recall{or not, as in this case}our ??? time with you

July 2016--Anyone with a good memory out there? "Burning leaves in crisp October.....????? with dew? We'll see new???? We'll ? new ? But all our lifetime through, we'll recall our happy hours with you." Techies out there! Are there poetry/lyric sites that might help? I do recall the tune/music.

July 2016--1] I remember "Burning leaves in crisp October." Was the next line " Mountains capped with snow?'

      2] I am now reading "A Woman's Education: the road from Coorain leads to Smith College." by Jill Ker Conway. The roads each of us have travelled, beyond dull facts, should be shared in a heartfelt way. We are interesting.

    3] I've been racking my brains trying to think of ways to honor Betsy Winters Horton. Does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking of a short book with each of us contributing something ...a frank offering of how I should have lived my life, improved it, corrected mistakes, the smartest and dumbest thing I ever did, missed opportunities... Yale's class of about 1945 wrote a book about what each did in retirement. It could have been less repetitive, more visual and more popping. I can visualize our book having eventful photos, drawings, recipes, jokes and regrets. Think of sharing your vision and wisdom with your grandchildren.  How do we reach classmates who are not computer savvy? Letters? Telephone? A session of encouragement at the next mini?


We know the answer but we want others to weigh in.


Can anyone from "55 recall particulars of our graduation ceremony as to who made main address and what dignitaries were honored with degrees?

Remember Edward R. Murrow attending but alumnae records said Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren gave graduation address. 

Hope there is someone who might have total recall on this matter.

Thank you,
Libby Lucas (Elizabeth Bergamini)
174 Yerba Santa Ave.,
Los Altos, CA 9402

Happy Mother's Day to all! What do those very few of us who aren't moms do? I celebrated Cinco de Mayo yesterday and was reminded, sadly, I can no longer drink...at all...especially margaritas. Undeterred by a total absence of feedback by my last 3 film recommendations, I share with you 3 more. Babette's Feast, Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day and Bread and Tulips. First one who sees a theme common to all 6 gets to see a theme common to all 6. What nonfiction books are you all reading? My last was One Summer:America 1927 by Bill Bryson, a national treasure. Coolidge was president. While I was at Mary A. Burnham School for Girls in Northampton, former First Lady Grace Coolidge was at our elegant Wednesday teas regularly.


May 2016--Congratulations to Polly Laszlo...she's joined the conversation!


It looks like my youngest granddaughter will enter Mount Holyoke as a Freshman this September...whoopie! Memories? Well, I recall the loveliness of the autumn campus when I first arrived at the college; the 4 flights of stairs to find my room on the top floor of Pearsons; the excitement felt as I attended lectures in Peter Viereck's European History class; receiving the Louise Sproule award for Freshman Creative Writing; total satisfaction with my Junior year courses; a feeling of being overwhelmed while prepping for the Comprehensives in Senior year; readiness to graduate!​


Those of you who saw DylanThomas at MHC can relate to his last words "I've had 18 straight whiskeys. I think that's the record." from the Atlantic, April 2016. Thank you Nancy Drum for your book recommendation. I always like to hear what others are reading. I look at much too much TV/Netflix. My favorites are "I know where I'm going", "Hobson's Choice" and "Cold Comfort Farm"

"Does anyone out there remember Dylan Thomas' cancellation or Hal Holbrooks' Mark Twain? Ed Murrow was married to an MHC grad, Janet. Someone in the Mandelles was a close friend to the actress, Jean Peters, who married Howard Hughes. Remember Menopause Manor? Someone out there who studied French or lived in the French house please share your memories about the Giamattis. What the 3 generations have achieved is nothing short of miraculous.

Ah! Come on, folks! Is there anyone out there who would like to share special, happy memories of our best years? Do participate.

March 10 is my birthday. I'm doing my best to jog happy memories. Do look up Janet Murrow's MAJOR contributions to MHC. Memories are gifts for all of us. Submit to guest book, please.

Paul Giamatti was conspiculously referred to by Chris Rock in the opening moments of the Oscars. Anyone notice?"

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Can't believe for the first time in my life I've read two books currently on the best seller list! Earlier I read the life-changing magic of tidying up and my drawers and closet are definitely more usable. Now the Common read of Between the World and Me which has a description of why boys join gangs that is clear and concise. I wish I could hear the campus discussions on that book; it is very clear about the fear we, as a culture, generate and how people survive with it.



Polly, thanks for the tips! Mine are the Atlantic and CSpan 1,2 and 3. You have my attention. I would need a deserted island to lose weight. Could it be that your arthritis would be WORSE if you were lighter? Medical discoveries are being made every day. Anne, let's make it a class song. What comes after "dum de dum de dum"?

From:suffield CT


BURNING LEAVES IN CRISP OCTOBER MOUNTAINS WHITE WITH SNOW, dum de dum de dum de dum de dum de ALL THESE THINGS WE KNOW......... WE'LL dum de dum de AND dum de dum AND ALL OUR WHOLE LIVES THROUGH....... dum de dum de MOUNT HOLYOKE TO YOU! It gets to be a game of fill in the blanks......... Thoughts on a rainy day. Cheers, Anne "Susie"

From:Concord, MA

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