OCTOBER 16 -18, 2006
 On a perfect October day 23 classmates arrived on campus to begin a three day experience of going "back to classes." After many warm greetings we settled into our dorm-Willits-Hallowell. These dorm rooms were not quite the same as when we arrived back in 1951! Private baths, two big comfy double beds, our own TV's etc. There are some benefits to getting old.

Mary Lou and Gay had thought of everything! We each had our own packets with all the material we needed including campus maps and our own individual class schedules, and then off we went to classes right after lunch. We were BACK!

On Monday evening our two class honoraries, Edwina Cruise and Eleanor Townsley,  spoke. Edwina did a reading from "Uncommon Women" portraying the house mother (which she had played at campus reading). Eleanor gave a wonderful talk on 1955 and the magic of Mount Holyoke College, and Lois Brown, Director of the Weissman Center for Leadership and the Liberal Arts  gave us a complete run-down on this exciting facitily.

Tuesday morning those who had chosen early classes were right on time for an excellent breakfast and then donned their running shoes and headed out. The sleepy ones who elected to start their day later were ready to go around 11:00. The day was full or not as you wished. There was a possibility of taking four different classes that day but not everyone was so ambitious. Some wanted time to just walk around and enjoy the campus. At 4:00 we gathered with Leah Glasser, Dean of First-Year Studies, to discuss the common read, "Mountains Beyond Mountains" by Tracey Kidder. It was a very vivacious discussion with many different viewpoints.

On Tuesday evening, Joni Haas from  the Alumnae Association, updated us on all the new happenings in their office and the exciting plans for the future.  
Then, Professor Thomas Millette, Former Director of the Center for the Environment,  gave us an enthusiastic Power-Point presentation about his research projects now underway in the MHC GeoProcessing Laboratory (GPL) and the collaboration between students, faculty and outside research organizations. 

The next morning it was back to the classroom for our final immersion 
into college life. (26 different courses were visited over the three days)
We departed happily at noon having had an amazing experience of the 
beautiful fall campus, the brilliant faculty teaching exciting courses and a little interaction with the diverse and fascinating student body.  GREAT!  
We all felt it was the bargin of the year!

Those Attending:
Bailey, Liz Butler
Bannon, Rhoda Ernest
Barstow, Dee Lamb   
Brodt, Pat O'Keeffe
Carpenter, Mary Lou Judd
Churchill, Mary Cary Bachmann
Grant, Mary Comey
Gaffney, Phyllis Kenney
Deedy, Barbara Grant
Harkins, Pam Moody
Hartman, Gay Chaffee
Horton, Betsy Winters
Lane, Nancy Nutting
Libby, Jan Williams`
Lochhead, Carol Pilloni
Marlowe, Betsey Pratt                       
Nash, Debbie Hazzard
Poor, Sue Donaldson
Ripley, Joan Winkel
Saunders, Elizabeth White
Towell, Julie Shea
Vernon, Judy
Zambelli, Nancy Stratford                  

Bop While Saunders, Phyllis Kenney Gaffney, Betsy Winters Horton and Barbara Grant Deedy on their way to class.
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Back to Class Mini-Reunion

Thursday and Friday, 
Sept. 27th and 28th
A write up and pictures of our campus mini in 2006 are featured below.

We hope you can join us on the beautiful Mount Holyoke campus for a couple of exciting days in late September.

We’ll have an opportunity to attend classes, hear stimulating speakers, get an update on the latest happenings and renew friendships. 

We’ll be staying  in Willitts-Hallowell where we’ll have 2 lunches
 and 1 dinner. 

Dinner and overnight accommodations will also be available on the night of Wednesday, September 26, for those who would like to come a day earlier.
 The registration form is below and should be printed, filled in  and sent to 
Nancy Lane as noted on the bottom of the  form.

Continue to check this Web Site  for the latest information on classes and speakers.
See you there!

Dee Lamb Barstow, Nancy Nutting Lane and Joan Willenbrok Leonard, co-chairs

MHC Class of 1955
Mini Reunion September 27 and 28

Name:_________________________ Email:______________Phone:_____________
Emergency contact:_______________Email:______________Phone:_____________

Rooms at Willits-Hallowell (available Sept. 26 and 27)
Single $106/night$___________________
Double $54/night$___________________
I will be rooming with________________________________
Please assign a roommate____________________________
Lunches at Willits-Hallowell - $16.50 each
Thursday            $___________________
Friday                $___________________
Dinner at Willits-Hallowell
Wednesday (optional)- $28$___________________
Thursday - $30$___________________
Hospitality Fee (bartender for cash bar, guests, etc.)$20_________________

TOTAL                               $___________________
Please complete the above and send with a check made out to MHC Class of 1955.
Mail to Nancy Lane, 6 Old Mill Rd., Greenwich, CT 06830 before September 10.

Cut off here_____________________________________________________________________ 

CHECK IN/OUT: Room check-in time at Willits (413-518-2217) is after 3:00 p.m. and check-out is by 11:00 a.m.. Parking is available and you will be given a parking sticker. Welcome packets will be available in the lobby.
MEALS: Breakfasts are included. Buffet lunches will be at 12:15 p.m. in the main dining room. Dinners will be at 7:00 in a private dining room, preceded by a social hour (with adjacent cash bar) in the living room.  (Please note any food allergies or vegetarian preferences on the registration form.)

Questions? Call Nancy Lane at 203-869-7927 or email at Nanbop2@aol.com.