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​Mount Holyoke Alumnae Quarterly: 1955 Class Notes for Fall 2017
Scribe: Nancy Nutting Lane
Fall Quarterly 2017

Time to crow!!! 100% Alumnae Giving Participation for the 7th Year!! A big hoo–rah--rah to the fabulous Class of 1955! No other class has ever come close to this record and we should be very proud of ourselves!!!

Plans are well underway for our annual Back to School mini reunion at MHC starting with cocktails and dinner the evening of Monday, October 2nd; classes all day Tuesday, October 3rd and in the morning of Wednesday, October the 4th. See the registration form on the Web page. Any questions ask Nancy Nutting Lane ( or (203) 536-2660) - or Dee Lamb Barstow ( or (912) 257-8861) Hope many of you will be able to join us . It’s always super fun!! So plan ahead ,save the date and come!

Lois Gaeta will be arranging a mini reunion at the Harvard Club in NYC on October. For New Jersey, New York and Connecticut 55’s be sure to put it on your calendar. For the rest of you, how about planning a trip to NYC during that time?!

Nancy Kerr Del Grande, M.S. (Stamford University) hasn’t stopped yet! She loves applying technology for our safety. After working many years as a physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, she founded Geo-Temp Corp. Geo-Temp’s field team applies cutting-edge technology to find hidden underground tunnels and corrosion damage. Nancy owns the rights to 5 U, S and International patents, based on her inventions, which issued from 2007 to 2014. She is still going strong. What a woman!

"Geoff and I still travel some and enjoy our apartment at Cornwall Manor, PA, writes Joan Stauffer Sowers. This may be the last year for our motor home. The work of keeping it up and loading it for trips is beginning to outweigh the enjoyment of the camp fires and s’mores.

Marge Beebe Smith speaks for many of us when she says “It never rains but it pours!” In a three week period she was scrambling about trying to get a suitable replacement for her husband’s primary care giver, a college graduation, a high school graduation and a final dance recital. Sound familiar?

I am still working, reports Elise Karas Kenny. My colleagues at Yale Registrars took me out to lunch for my birthday. Yale now has a huge footprint out in West Haven. It was purchased from Squibb for a ridiculously low price and is now all Yale: Peabody and Collections (library, object storage etc.)

Win Pettus Losa writes “Since being at Brooksby I’m in better shape than I’ve been most of my life. Slow and steady, that’s the sport for me.”

Congratulations to Gil and Juli Shea Towell who have 3 grads this year. Devon C. Towell, BA from Columbia College, Columbia University - a Scholar Athlete with a 4.0 average in her last two semesters, she will be working for Facebook in Menlo Park, California. Nicholas VB Smith, MA from the Graduate School of Education And Allied Professions, Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT, Sydney E. Towell, graduating from West Chester East High School, West Chester, PA. She is a member of the National Honor Society and received the American Chemical Society Award for chemistry. She will be attending Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA.

All’s well here, says Issy Sherer Cunningham, and I love being 84! Sue Nutter Keller and I (plus spouses) visited the Emily Dickinson exhibit at the Morgan Library and enjoyed reliving the Amherst scene.

Ruth Gundry Sejersted Bodtker writes from Norway, “Thanks for the great Birthday card. Who did the drawing --do you know? I have a great art group that meets once a week for 4 hours. We had an instructor but after awhile she was so busy having exhibitions that she had to stop helping us-- so now we help each other. We all do something different-oils, watercolors - I am taking an internet course in pen and ink drawing. We are lucky to be able to have space at the local Senior Center for which we pay a very small fee spring and fall. Don't know if Senior Centers have come to the US but they are in most every town here--several depending on the size of the town. I think there must be about 15-20 in Oslo. They all have a small coffee shop, lectures, and courses in many things like History, Art, Data etc and languages discussion groups. We haven't planned a trip to Trumpland--think the plane trip is kind of long. Our yearly trip to the Canary Islands is almost as long and we think that is pretty long to be in the “cattle car”! They are redoing a good bit of the stucco on our building we have scaffolding and plastic all around the house plus grey plastic fastened to all the windows. We are living in a cocoon!!! It's really amazing how covering all the windows saps all your energy. I know I am slowing down but.... We are hoping for a warm summer--you can never be sure in Norway. Hope you have a good summer and keep well!! I have to say that you do a fantastic job with the class newsletter. Hats off!! Let me know if you are coming this way?”

And the following from Deb Hazard Nash “We got home late April just in time to head to Hartford to see our grandson in a musical at Trinity. He is a musical theater major and will be spending his fall semester in NYC at a program run by LaMaMa, living at the 92nd St Y. Not all bad, so that will probably take us to NYC in the fall. We are headed to Groton tomorrow to see a one act play, written, directed and produced by Kelly's oldest, who is headed to Kenyon next fall. We are thrilled to have someone not on the east coast. Then it is off to Boston for a shower for our oldest grandchild who is having a baby girl in July. Finally to a graduation in early June. Lots of travel in a short period but we figure what better do we have to do than be with family. We had a great winter in Boca and feel so fortunate to have found such a spot that works so well for us.  I have just gone on the Library Foundation Board made up of a group of very interesting folks who also just happen to love books. How good is that? Succeeded in getting Amor Towles for our big fund raiser next winter, having had Joseph Kanon this past year. There are always exciting guest speakers around to keep us hopping. Les is good....playing golf, doing his poetry, and making me play duplicate bridge with him.   I am no good but love the time together and the game.