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Since we are definitely "Seniors," our thoughts are forced to turn to health issues.  At the risk of an "Organ Recital," we hope this resource page will be helpful to any and all who need it.  Please volunteer if you have medical information to share.  We have asked a few people to start us off.
Abnormal Heart Rhythm\
From Sylvia Johnson Lucas

all from Barbara Muehrcke Allen
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From Mills Ripley
--SHOULDERS--as of 5/1/06
Here is an email sent recently by Stevie Sargent Lesher
Very good advice for us all!

In 30 yrs. as prof. caregiver I've seen results of perscription compliance
(or non-compliance). Here's a personal story which should send a warning.
I have 3 Rx pills to take at night. On opening one bottle two nights ago, I
knew I had 2 left (and reminded myself to re-order).  But, when I tilted the
bottle, out came two pills OF DIFFERENT SIZES: one of the two was smaller by
half; ineed, the numbers imprinted on them were different, and, on the other
side, one was "40", the other "80" which I am supposed to have.  Next day,
flew to pharmacy with the bottle of mismatching pills.  Was told that
both sizes of the same medicine are stored in adjacent bins and that
sometimes the pills "jump" from one bin to the other....
In my case, I know my pills, both by sight and touch: each is a different
configuration. I've read directions a zillion times; I am ultra-careful !
The bottom line is obvious: you can never be too careful when taking meds !!
If ever in doubt, STOP/ASK !!           

  FYI & love,  Stevia/Stevie/SSL