Class of 1955's
Uncommon Woman Award
With thanks and appreciation for
50 years or more of continuous giving
The Mount Holyoke College Annual Fund
Remembering the Past--Providing for the Future
100 members of the Class of 1955
 were honored and sent the above citation
 in a beautiful Mount Holyoke College frame
 for having contributed to the Annual Fund for 50 years or more. 
Fourteen members had perfect records of 57 years!
An outstanding achievement!
       Perfect Record
Ruth Harberg DuBois
Thelma Englander Goldberg
T. Joan Wharton Witkin
Mary Lou Judd Carpenter
Carolyn Jacobson Friedman
Barbara Mulvehill Gray
Anne Cochran MacLeod
Margaret Beale Perry
Elizabeth Winters Horton
Joyce Cudlipp Wiggin
Jane A. Barth
Jane Beebe Turner
Janice McIntosh Carreau
Virginia Starr Pope

    More than 50 years
Eileen Karpinski Bogdanowicz
Sandra Fiedler Allen
Polly Laszlo Brody
Janice Williams Libby
Joyce Howard McFarland
Jean Bryan Campbell
Jane Robertson Reiss
Barbara Garland Clinkenbeard
Isabelle Scherer Cunningham
Barbara Muehrcke Allen
Anne Riker Buttrick
Marion E. Viglione
Joan Willenbrok Leonard
Fleur Varney Chandler
Nancy Ely Newlin
Marilyn Turner Mason
Gail Wainwright Tseckares
Joan Stauffer Sowers
Shirley Smith Smith
Juli Shea Towell
Barbara Welt Alessandro
Sylvia Johnson Lucas
Catherine Suarez Szap
Fleda Asbury Dean
Elizabeth Sturtevant Gardner
Gay Chaffee Hartman
Alden Edgar Gordon
Imogene Opton Fish
Joelle Urquhart Manville
Jane Rinaud Keating
Elise Raymond Wallace
Carol Monnik Huth
Sylvia Zottu Schade
Susan Nutter Keller
Barbara Gates Johnson
Diantha Lamb Barstow
Pam Moody Harkins
Adrienne Becker Zausner
Pat O'Keeffe Brodt
Mollie M. Torras
Carol Pilloni  Johnson
Cora-Alice St John Gebhardt
Jane Fauver Montgomery
Ann Tomlinson Edmondson
Phyllis Kenney Gaffney
Mary-Alana Baker Ellis
H Clarita Erlandsen Davis
Nancy Cook Murray
Deborah Hazzard Nash
MC Bachman Churchill
Joan McGuire Voigt
Ann McGregor Graaskamp
Joan Winkel Ripley
Judith Segal Drexler
Rhoda Ernst Bannon
Nancy Young Duncan
Susan Steinharter Friedlander
Cynthia Pinney Hammar
Ann Clark Wolff
Phyllis Kletzien Campbell
Gwendolyn Barrington Nichols
Inge Woermann Coleman
Nancy Leech Mohr
Bonnie Scott Conway
Bethana Whitaker Maker
Janet Curtis Green
Sally Barr Palmer
Mollie C. Hibbard
Nancy Stratford Zambelli
Jane Estey Peters
Ann Prosswimmer Pratt
Elizabeth White Saunders
Beryl Smith Naviasky
Elizabeth Miller Jenkins
Rhoda Bierstedt
Elise Kenney Karas
Cynthia Wilmont Phipps
Joan Gotwals Schaeffer
Joanne Thomas Pope
Dorthy Lefkowitz Litwin
Heather Hamilton Tharp

Some lovely words from Joelle that we feel we should share:

"The College has been for me a real opportunity to show my deep appreciation for the wonderful experiences I had educationally, spiritually and socially during my four years there. I believe that all of our classmates would agree that those were precious years indeed."
Congratulations once again!
Susie Nutter Keller wrote with thanks for the lovely frame and said she had filled it appropriately.
Sue, Izzy, Susie and Jane
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