Back to School Mini
This year's Back to School Mini 
should be better than ever!

On Monday night, Sonya will be with us for cocktails and dinner
to catch us up on ALL the campus news.

On Tuesday evening, Eleanor, Edwina and Vinnie will join us.  
We will hear the latest on the world news from 
our '55's expert Vinnie.

Dee and Nancy are working hard to provide a terrific program for us
AND, as of now, everyone is charged with the task of praying 
that Mountain Day will not interfere.

Please do not let the cost prevent you from joining us. 
We can make arrangements, and our biggest priority 
is that you you are there. Just call Wink at 914-393-5669
 or email for further information.

Remember husbands and significant partners
 are also invited 
We might be a woman's college 
but at this point we are co-ed!

Sharpen your pencils and get ready to come "Back to School."

Check the web site and this page for the latest information

Click on the leaf for the Registration Form