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Our latest addition is none other than the vivacious and popular new President
Sonya Stephens 
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Edwina Cruise who spoke to us at our 35th reunion was the first post-grad honorary. Read her new entry on the Honorary is so funny!

After our 50th we welcomed Eleanor Townsley who inspired us all with her immense help at our Seminar Day.

No reunion was ever complete without listening to Vinnie Farraro. We are delighted to claim him as one of our own.

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Here is a direct link to one of Gail Collins' recent articles 
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AND, another by Frank Bruni  about reading 

 We sadly report the deaths of:

Marcia Eigen Evans
September 13, 2018

Judith Cooper Healy
December 5, 2018

Margot Rusch Allison
January 15, 2019

Elise (Butch) Raymond Wallace
May 22, 2019
July 2019
A great time was had by all!!
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As you all know our class has elected special faculty who we feel have been especially close to our
 class over the years.
We all know that our 1955 Honorary Vinnie Ferraro is our most popular lecturer when we go back for our “Back to School” mini every fall. Here’s the exciting news. He writes a blog. A what you say? A Blog called World Politics. What it means is that we can access that blog anytime just by signing up to receive it over our email. Then you can read it, save it, delete it, whatever, but you”ll be connected to Vinnie’s thinking and teaching of World Politics from your iphone or computer whenever you want.

To sign up for his blog go onto google and type in vferraro1971 and the form to sign up will become available. 

Happy Politics!

Back when we were planning our 50th reunion (can we remember back that far?) we asked everyone to please send us their memories of Mount Holyoke. Back then everyone cooperated and actually did it. Not all of them could go into our presentation or our book but now on our website we have unlimited space so we thought we should share some more of these 
wonderful memories.

Our latest memory comes from
Barbara Muehrcke Allen

Others are from Deb Hazzard Nash,
Gay Hartman, and Pat O'Keeffe, et al.

We hope that these entries will
 inspire you to think of some of your memories to share with our class. 
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Gay and Wink are asking for photos from the rest of you. Please send us picutres of you and your family or you and other Alums as our roving photographer cannot cover the entire country.

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Want to read more?

       Make Time for It

                 Make it part of your life's rhythm.

Studies suggest all kinds of benefits to reading, including increased empathy, stress reduction and memory retention. It can even curb your criminal instincts, according to some researchers, although my family might have their doubts about me. 

But if you’re a reader, you probably love books not because they lower your cholesterol but because they bring you joy. Reading is, ideally, a leisure activity: the kind of thing you can devote an afternoon to while dinner is bubbling in the slow cooker and the cat is curled at your feet and you slouch in an armchair like a teenager (hey, maybe you are a teenager) losing yourself in a world somebody else has imagined into being. Reading a book is a form of communication because you’re communing: The writer speaks, the reader listens, and somewhere along the way you achieve a real intimacy, of a sort. That’s magical. 

But leisure activities require leisure time, and who’s got that? Let’s face it, the afternoon in the armchair probably isn’t happening, even if somebody else takes care of dinner. Finding time to read generally means making time to read, and that means making it a priority. If you can incorporate the gym into your regular routine, you can incorporate quality time with a book too. 

For some people, the best time for reading might be their commute; for others the hour before bed. For some people it might be the gym itself, checking in with Mr. Darcy or Jack Reacher while you’re racking up your step count on the treadmill. You know your schedule better than anyone, so you know where to look for down time where your eyes aren’t being especially useful.

The goals here are twofold — find a time to read that provides:
A relatively sustained stretch of at least 20 minutes and preferably an hour or more
No distractions: no phone, no email or text messages or social media. 
This way, you create the conditions to immerse yourself in the story, to sink into what athletes sometimes call the zone and yoga teachers sometimes call flow. 

Set goals. A book a month, a book a week, whatever feels comfortable to you — and keep a list to track your progress.

Carry your book with you. Now there’s no excuse not to read during downtime: on the train, in the doctor’s waiting room, at red lights (O.K., maybe not at red lights). I prefer books on paper for all kinds of reasons but particularly here, because they make a more insistent claim on your attention than e-books do. But I’ll grant that it’s easier to carry multiple books around on a device, so if you prefer that and won’t get sucked into email or etc., then that’s an option too.

Unplug your TV. Literally, unplug it. Or change your settings so you have to log in every time you want to watch something. If you force yourself to pause just a moment before watching a show you don’t love anyway, you may realize you’d rather spend that same time with a book.

Check books out of the library. That way you’ll have a deadline to return them, and will feel more pressure to get to the end. Bonus: You’ll get to know your local librarians, who are probably some of the best people around. Just don’t scribble in those margins.

Join a book club. Peer pressure, plus a built-in social angle that will have you all reading the same thing and talking about it over wine. If you can’t find a group of like-minded friends in your town, ask at the library or bookstore, or look for programs like “One City One Book” or “Now Read This,” the PBS NewsHour-New York Times Book Club.

Reading is, basically, a kind of meditation, and you don’t get there by watching TV. That’s why one writer I follow on Twitter, the poet and essayist Elisa Gabbert, sets herself a goal of reading 52 books a year: “Because it helps prevent me,” she has explained, from getting sucked into “dumb” shows and other pursuits “when ultimately I’d rather be reading.” In 2017 Gabbert fell just short — she read “only” 48 books — but that’s the kind of thing motivational speakers have in mind when they talk about aiming for the stars and hitting the moon. Maybe you can follow her lead and replace your Netflix habit with books instead. 

MHC Common Read 
for 2019-2020

There  There
by Tommy Orange
From Diana Alexanian Jalelian
Starting on the left are my son, Lincoln, and his fiance, Kim, son-in-law, Bill, husband of Cerise, '81, grandson Nicholas the Eagle Scout, me, Diana, daughter Julie '84, her son, Liam, Dartmouth 2020. It was a gala ceremony. Missing are: granddaughter Susan and her father, and Jim, husband of daughter Julie. 

Eagle Scout Ceremony
January 31, 2019

Wink, Deb Hazzard Nash & Pat O'Keeffe Brodt
Sarasota, FL  March 2019

MAY 22 - MAY 24, 2020
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